Pre-Training and On water Support - Euros '21 - Garda

Fraglia Rela Riva - Riva del Garda

22nd - 27th October 2021

Thanks for the expression of interest for this years Europeans. We have 20 GBR boats entered with 7 boats receiving youth squad support. We are offering class support at £400 per boat for the 4 day event plus 2 days training beforehand to get boats and registration sorted.


It would be myself and Emily Covell for the event and I hope you all know us and don’t need any introductions!


Plan would be meet approx. 1pm on the Friday 22nd October for a training session in the afternoon. Then we can plan the Saturday around measurement and registration. We will make a WhatsApp group nearer the event to make sure comms run smoothly.


If none of you have had event support before, it involves a group briefing and debriefing each day, support on the water with breakages, towing and race debriefs plus support off the water in terms of protests and any team chats you might need. As coaches we are there for you and want to see you do the best you possibly can whilst making it as smooth as possible.


Takeaways from Valencia worlds was that it would be really useful if people had their spares sorted beforehand. I highly recommend making a dry bag (clearly labelled) with some tools, spare rope, spare shackles etc so everyday it is easy to put in the rib and we can handle breakages on the water. Usual breakages are kites ripping, halyards breaking, tiller ext and trapeze wires coming off the top so please make sure you check post travel. We would like to take 2 x kites, 1 x kite, if possible a pole and some tiller extensions (if they aren’t in your boats) per rib. That way each course has an equal amount of spares! Touchwood we won’t need them!


During the event, Emily and I will change courses and divvy ourselves equally between each course. With 2 this is fairly easy. Some days a coach might have 2 boats, the next they might have 8 but we will always make sure every boat is catered for and we will never leave you without support.


The decision to start on Friday was that we could get 1-2 sessions in pre event, plus measurement sorted without too much stress. If there are some boats wanting to train Wednesday / Thursday please contact me directly as we can arrange 2 days with Emily through Andrew Simpson centre.


I know Friday clashes with some peoples school so if you can’t attend Friday please let me know.


Kind Regards,



Please note I am working full-time but I will endeavour to reply to your email as soon as possible. If it is urgent please call me 07540758908.


Fee includes pre Training at venue and on water support for event.

Online entry is now closed. Please contact [email protected] if you wish to enter.


Fraglia Rela Riva - Riva del Garda

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